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We consider that three main elements contributing to the improvement of our activity are the basis for maintaining a long-lasting cooperation with our customers.

1. Quality product improvement –X-Life bearings from FAG. X-Life bearings are of higher standard and adapted to the customer's specific needs.
The X-Life strategy aims at entirely improving the quality of FAG bearings to a very high level. This type of bearings has the following advantages:

  • 30% higher fatigue stability
  • 50% longer life
  • 10% lower friction rate
  • Increased bearing capacity
  • An extra X-Life sign on the bearing and package

2. Delivery and maintenance improvement.
3. Product price improvement.
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Gea Commerce 5 Ltd. was established in 1990 as a partnership, and in 2000 it was transformed into a limited liability company (Ltd.). Over the last 14 years, the company has established positions on the market as a leader in supplying antifriction bearings and managed to set up 11 commercial sites in the major cities in the country. We have in stock over 10 000 items. See more ...

Products and Suppliers
  • Bearings
  • Belts and shaft seals
  • Instruments

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