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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

in connection with the processing of personal data


We consider safeguarding the right to the protection of personal data a key commitment of Gea Commerce, therefore we will use and make every effort to process your data in full compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 ( " The EU on data protection ' or the ' HACP ' ) and any other applicable Bulgarian legislation. As one of the basic principles of this legal framework is transparency, we have prepared this document to inform you of how we collect, use, transmit and protect your personal information when you interact with us in relation to products and services, including through our website or mobile applications.  

We reserve the right to periodically update and modify this Privacy Policy to reflect any changes to the way we process your personal data or changes to your legal requirements. In the event of such modifications, we publish the modified version of the Privacy Policy on our website and therefore kindly request that you periodically review its content.


Who are we and how to contact us?

Gea Commerce - the trade name of "Gea Commerce 5" Ltd. is a company with registered office in Varna 9000, 14B Radko Dimitriev St., fl. 1, with UIC 828026076 and tax number BG 828026076 (hereinafter: below "Gea Commerce" or "we" ). For the purposes of data protection law, we are joint controllers for the processing of your personal data.    

As your views are always important to us and we are always ready to provide you with any additional information you may need regarding the processing of your data, we encourage you to contact Gea Commerce 's Privacy Officer email address: shop @  


What categories of personal data do we process?

In general, we collect your personal information directly from you, so you decide what kind of information to provide to us. For example, the information we receive from you is the following:

When you create a Gea Commerce account, you send us your email address, first name, middle name, and last name;

You can also add additional information to your personal page ( My Account ) from Gea Commerce's platform such as: company name and address, photo, gender, nickname, mobile phone number, landline phone number, date of birth, education, delivery address , additional email address, bank card dates, etc .;

When placing an order, you provide us with the following information: the product you want, your first and last name, shipping address, billing information, payment method, telephone number, bank card dates, etc.

In addition, we suggest you sign up for Gea Commerce through your Facebook or Google account. If you choose one of these options, you will be directed to the Admin / Google LLC Facebook page, where you will be notified of the transfer of your data to Gea Commerce. You can view the privacy policies of Facebook and Google by following the links below:

In addition, we may collect and subsequently process certain information about your browsing behavior on our website or use of a mobile application to personalize your online experience and come up with suggestions that are tailored to your profile. We invite you to learn more in this regard by reading the processing section below.

On our website and in the mobile application, we may store and collect information through cookies and similar technologies in accordance with the Cookie Policy.

We do not collect or otherwise process sensitive data included in specific categories of personal data in the General Data Protection Regulation. In addition, we do not want to collect or process data from minors under the age of 16.


What are the purposes and reasons for processing?

We will use your personal information for the following purposes:

Providing services to Gea Commerce for your benefit 

This general objective may include, where appropriate, the following:

  •                                 creating and managing a profile on the Gea Commerce platform;
  •                                 order processing, including acceptance, validation, shipping and invoicing;
  •                                 Resolving order cancellation problems or any other problems related to orders, purchased goods or services;
  •                                 return of products in accordance with legal provisions;
  •                                 reimbursement of products in accordance with legal provisions;
  •                                 assisting you, including answering your questions regarding your orders or the goods and services of Gea Commerce or marketplace sellers on the Gea Commerce online platform; 

The processing of your data for these purposes is in most cases necessary for the conclusion and execution of a contract between Gea Commerce and you. In addition, the processing of these goals requires processing in accordance with applicable law, including tax and accounting legislation. 


Improvement of our services

We would always like to offer you the best online shopping experience. To this end, we may use certain information about your buyer behavior, invite you to complete your satisfaction surveys after order completion, or conduct direct, or with the help of, partners, market research and surveys.

We base these activities on our legitimate business interests, always making sure that your fundamental rights and freedoms are not affected.


We would always like to inform you about the best offers for the products / services you are interested in. In this connection, we can send you all kinds of messages through e-mail channels (e-mail / SMS / mobile push / webpush, etc.), which contain general and thematic information, information about similar products or products supplementing the ones purchased by products, offers and promotions, product information added to the Profile / My Cart sections, or if you are interested in purchasing them, and other business communications such as market research and consumer surveys, and we can represent you personalized recommendations on the website and mobile app. In order to provide you with information that is of interest to you, we may use certain information about your buyer behavior (for example, products viewed / products added to your wishlist / purchased products) to create an account. We always guarantee that such processing is carried out in compliance with your rights and freedoms, and that the decisions taken in connection with them do not have any legal effect on you and do not affect you in a material way.

In most cases, we require your prior consent to send you marketing messages. You can change your mind and withdraw your consent at any time by contacting Gea Commerce using the contact information above.  

In certain situations, we may base our marketing activities on our legitimate interest in promoting and developing our business. In any case, when we use your information for our legitimate interests, we take care and take the necessary measures to ensure that your fundamental rights and freedoms are not affected. However, you may at any time, by using the means described above, suspend the processing of your personal data for marketing purposes, and we will respond to your request.


 Protection of our legitimate interests

There may be times when we use or transmit information to protect our rights and business. These may include:

  •                                 measures to protect Gea Commerce's website and users against cyberattacks; 
  •                                 measures to prevent and detect fraudulent attempts, including the transmission of information to competent public authorities;
  •                                 measures to manage various other risks.

The main reason for these types of processing is our legitimate interests related to the protection of our business activities, provided that we ensure that all measures taken by us ensure a balance between our interests and your fundamental rights and freedoms.

In addition, in some cases, processing by us is based on legal provisions such as the obligation to protect the goods and the values ​​provided for by the applicable legislation in this regard.


How long do we keep your personal data?

As a rule, we keep your personal information while you have an account with Gea Commerce. You can always ask us to delete certain information or close your account, and we will respond to that request by retaining certain information, even after closing the account, when applicable law or legitimate interests require it.


To whom do we send your personal data?

As appropriate, we may transmit or give access to some of your personal information to the following categories of recipients:

  •                                 companies in the group of companies to which Gea Commerce belongs;
  •                                 partners in the Gea Commerce platform;
  •                                 courier service providers;
  •                                 payment / banking service providers;
  •                                 marketing / telemarketing service providers;
  •                                 market research service providers;
  •                                 insurance companies;
  •                                 IT service providers;
  •                                 other companies with which we can develop joint programs to market our goods and services.

If we are required by law, or if this is necessary to protect our legitimate interests, we may also disclose certain personal information to public authorities.

We guarantee that your access to your data from third parties is subject to legal provisions in the field of data protection and confidentiality of information based on contracts concluded with them.


To which countries do we transfer your personal data?

We currently store and process your personal data in Bulgaria.

However, some of your personal data may be transferred to entities located within or outside the European Union, including in countries for which the European Commission has not recognized an adequate level of personal data protection.

We will always take steps to ensure that any international transfer of personal data is carefully managed to protect your rights and interests. Data transfers to service providers and other third parties will always be protected by contractual obligations and, where appropriate, by other safeguards, such as standard contract terms issued by the European Commission or certification schemes, such as the Privacy Shield. of personal data transmitted by the EU to the United States of America.

You may contact us at any time by using the contact information provided above to find out which countries we are transmitting your data to and what safeguards we have in connection with these transmissions.


How do we protect the security of your personal information?

We are committed to ensuring the security of personal data by implementing appropriate technical and organizational measures while complying with industry standards.

We store your data on secure servers using the latest encryption algorithms.

Despite the measures we take to protect your personal data, we are aware that, in principle, the transmission of information over the Internet or other public networks is not completely secure, with the risk that the data may be viewed and used by unauthorized third parties. We cannot accept responsibility for those vulnerabilities of systems that are not under our control.


What are your rights?

The General Data Protection Regulation recognizes a number of rights in relation to your personal data. You may request access to your data, the correction of errors in our files, and / or raise objections to the processing of your personal data. You may also exercise your right of appeal to the competent supervisory authority or to the courts. Depending on the case, you may also have the right to request the deletion of your personal data, the right to restrict the processing of your data and the right to data portability.

You can get more information about each of these rights by looking at the table below.

To exercise your rights, you can contact us using the contact details above. Please consider the following if you wish to exercise these rights:


Identity. We take the confidentiality of all records containing personal information seriously. For this reason, we ask that you send us your requests for these records using the email address provided in your Gea Commerce account. Otherwise, we reserve the right to verify your identity by requesting additional information to verify your identity. 


Taxes. We will not charge a fee for exercising any right with respect to your personal information, except where your request for access to information is without reason, repeated or unnecessarily repeated, in which case we will charge a reasonable amount. We will inform you of any applicable fees before we review your request. 


Response deadline. We plan to respond to all valid requests within one month, except when the request is particularly complex, or if you have made more requests, in which case we will respond within a maximum of two months. We'll let you know if we need more than a month. We may ask you to tell us exactly what you want to get or what you are worried about. This will help us act faster and shorten the response time to your request. 


Third party rights. We will not need to respond if it adversely affects the rights and freedoms of other data subjects. 


Relevant rights



You can ask us:

  •                                 confirm that we are processing your personal data;
  •                                 provide a copy of this information;
  •                                 to provide you with information about your personal data, such as the data we have, how we use it, who we disclose, whether we transmit it abroad and how we protect it, how long we keep it, what rights you have, how you can file a complaint , where we acquired your information insofar as the information was no longer provided to you by this notification.


You may ask us to correct or supplement your inaccurate or incomplete personal information.

We may try to verify the inaccuracy of the data before correcting it.

Deleting data

You may ask us to delete your personal information, but only if:

  •                                 they are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected; or
  •                                 You have withdrawn your consent (if data processing is based on consent); or
  •                                 exercise a legal right of objection; or
  •                                 they have been unlawfully processed; or
  •                                 there is a legal obligation in this regard.

We have no obligation to comply with your request for deletion of your personal data if processing requires:

  •                                 to fulfill a legal obligation; or
  •                                 to establish, exercise or defend a legal claim;

There are certain other circumstances in which we are under no obligation to comply with your request for deletion, although these are also the most likely circumstances in which we may refuse your request.

Please note that before exercising this right, you must download from Gea Commerce your account and retain all documents related to the Gea Commerce orders, whether invoicing was made to you or to another physical or legal entity. person (such as invoices, certificates of guarantee). Failure to do so before exercising your right of deletion will result in the loss of all these documents and Gea Commerce will not be able to provide them as appropriate, as the process of deleting data and deleting the Gea Commerce account with all data and related documents is an irreversible process.   


Restriction of data processing

You may ask us to restrict the processing of your personal information, but only if:

  •                                 their accuracy is being challenged (see data correction section) so that we can verify their accuracy; or
  •                                 processing is illegal, but you do not want the data deleted; or
  •                                 they are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected, but we still need to establish, exercise or defend a legal claim; or
  •  You have already exercised your right of objection and are checking whether the domination of our rights is still present.

We may continue to use your personal information as a result of a restriction request:

  •                                 if we have your consent; or
  •                                 to establish, exercise or defend a legal claim; or
  •                                 to protect the rights of Gea Commerce or any other natural or legal person. 

Data portability

You can ask us to provide your personal information in a structured, widely used and machine-readable format, or you can request that it be "directly" transferred to another data carrier, but only if:

  •                                 processing is based on your consent or the conclusion of a contract with you; and
  •                                 processing is done by an automatic tool.

Right to object

You may object at any time for reasons related to your particular situation, against the processing of your personal data based on our legitimate interests, if you believe that your fundamental rights and freedoms dominate those interests.

In addition, you may object to the processing of your data for direct marketing purposes (including account creation) at any time without giving any reason whatsoever, in which case processing will be terminated as soon as possible.


Making automatic decisions

You may ask us not to be the subject of an automation-only solution, but only when that solution:

  •                                 has legal effects on you; or
  •                                 It affects you in a similar way and to a great extent.

This right is not applicable if the decision made after the automatic decision has been made:

  •                                 we need to enter into or execute a contract with you;
  •                                 is legally permitted and there are adequate safeguards for your rights and freedoms; or
  •                                 is based on your explicit consent.


You have the right to complain to your local supervisor about the processing of your personal data. In Bulgaria , the contact details of the data protection supervisor are as follows: 

Personal Data Protection Commission Sofia 1592, blvd. Tsvetan Lazarov ”№ 2 

Phone: 02 / 91-53-555;


Without prejudice to your right to contact the supervisory authority at any time, please contact us in advance and we promise you that we will use our best endeavors to resolve your issues by mutual agreement.   


  •                                 We remind you that you can contact Gea Commerce at any time by submitting your request to him as follows: at 
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